Firo is Now a Payment Partner for LockTrip

Firo is Now a Payment Partner for LockTrip

The leading player in the travel market place,, has now completely integrated the Firo payment method on its platform. The partnership of both organizations was announced recently, and this integration marks an important step towards the future of this collaboration. The Firo account holders now have the opportunity to use the coin to book from millions of properties and hotels available on seamlessly. Further, coins can also be utilized for booking flights of more than 1000 service providers on the platform. This partnership also comes with big savings as users can save up to 2% in cost as no intermediary is present in the transaction. This saving is besides additional savings of 60% that is available on, thanks to its amazing model of reverse auctioning.

To make the collaboration even more effective, Firo has got its own landing page on which customers will get a brief introduction about and how they can save big using the Firo coins. Users will also get information about the benefits of using the Firo coins rather than going ahead with the credit card option. This landing page’s objective is to help users with the information, and in the process, it will also help LockTrip get prospects from Firo and other social media websites.

The whole development in which LockTrip has become a travel partner of Firo assumes significance as it has implications for all industry stakeholders. This collaboration will enhance the conversion of potential users into regular customers for both companies. Besides, it will also help widen the adoption potential of the Firo coin and disintermediation of the financial sector. This disconnection with the financial intermediaries will empower the customer with a cost-effective and seamless transaction experience.

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