Overview of Online Trading Platforms

The money you earn as a salary or income in your business requires optimum security. One of the best ways to secure and earn profit from your earned income is through investment. The concept of investment has been around for centuries. The investment strategies have been in existence since the barter system was introduced centuries ago. 

Every wise investor needs a secure investment opportunity and platform as one wrong investment or a wrong trading platform can be as risky as pumping oil into the fire, making you suffer heavy losses. Professional traders and beginners are always in the hunt for reliable trading platforms to secure their money and earn better returns. 


A thorough knowledge about the instruments, like stocks and commodities, plays a major role in strong investment. A beginner is always searching for the best instruments to trade while professionals are on a hunt for an authentic trading platform offering the best instrument pairs with minimal risks and commission structure. One such platform is the Banxso trading platform, which is well trusted by traders around the globe. 

What is Banxso?

Banxso offers one basket solution to different trading instruments, like Indices, stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, and commodities. The platform is regulated in South Africa and India that assists traders with different trading assets and diverse options of trading tools. 

The platform offers an extensive range of services for investors around the globe. Banxso also provides educational programs for beginners and professional traders to understand the respective market in detail and learn different strategies to earn better returns. It offers a seamless and smooth trading experience as the customer support team is always available for the traders to answer their queries. 

Traders can add different portfolios of investment on a single platform. In short, a trader does not have to switch from one platform to another for seamless trading in forex, commodities, or any other portfolio. You can create your basket of instruments under one umbrella. 

Features of Banxso

Banxso offers services and features that are much appreciated by users and traders from all across the world. Banxso is an AI-based trading platform that offers simple yet calculative information to traders for profitable returns. 

The website is popular for its transparent communication and fair charges, making Banxso a popular choice among traders. Let’s understand its features in detail:

Clients are Always the Priority: Banxso’s platform is designed in a simple format where users can trade on every financial market. Traders are also provided with the latest news and analysis about each market trend. The services and tools serve as a great opportunity to earn better returns in the financial market. 

Cutting-edge Technology: Successful returns in the financial market are only possible when traders and platforms use advanced technology to analyze the market and associated tools. Banxso understands the fact and is very stringent about the same. The advanced trading tools provided by Banxso helps in a detailed reading of the market movements as it affects the client’s profiles and assets. 

Speedy Trading Execution: What if your platform does not offer speedy execution at the time of best buying and selling time. You may end up losing some great profits. Banxso offers speedy executions and lower spread that increases profitability and benefits of the traders. 

Lower Fees: You do not want to lose half of your profit in just commissions. Banxso offers lower commissions so that traders can earn more returns without worrying about the commission to be paid to the platform. Banxso also offers a plan of a three-month commission-free experience for its traders.


Tradable Instruments of Banxso 

Following is the list of tradable instruments on the Banxso trading platform: 


The forex trading product offered by Banxso has a low entry point, which means that traders may enter the market with the least amount of cash and yet earn big profits. Banxso offers traders the ability to trade forex 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with high liquidity. This implies that forex deals may be executed quickly and with less danger of volatility swings and spreads.



Knowledge of worldwide techniques and marketplaces is extremely beneficial to traders. However, keep in mind that DMA shares stock values are always shifting, which is a profitable chance for potential investors. Although the majority of traders profit from the stocks price swings, many beginner traders lose money instead. Banxso tries to increase the likelihood of successful trades.


Indices are known to be safer trade than individual stocks as it is a combination of multiple tier stocks where users can trade on a combine. Traders can create diversified portfolios on Banxso that include several indices to invest in. Indices are generally preferred for long-term returns. 


Banxso offers news and analysis on different combinations of indices, as required by the traders. So you can gather information and the latest trends on your favorite stocks and combine them in Indices for better returns on Banxso. 


If you are interested in trading in rich minerals and energy sources, like oil, gold, silver, and other commodities, this can be a good tradable instrument for you. From trading in energy to agricultural commodities and metals, Banxso has a robust list of options and services at your disposal.  

Different types of commodities offered by Banxso includes:

Energy: Natural gas, crude oil, electricity, and wind power 

Agriculture: Cotton, cocoa, wheal, sugar, coffee, rice, and soybeans

Metal: Silver, copper, platinum, and  gold 



Cryptocurrency recently became a promising digital asset in the world of investment. As many users are looking for reliable and decentralized platforms to trade using crypto, Banxso offers several crypto pairs for such investors to trade in. Bitcoin and Ethereum are known to be popular trades in crypto. 

Banxso also offers many programs for users to understand crypto trade in detail and how to successfully earn better returns through crypto. 

Trading Platforms of Banxso 

Banxso offers multiple trading platforms to its traders, which is further increasing its popularity in the trading world. The commitment and reliability of Banxso make it popular in the industry. Banxso offers two platforms for trading: MetaTrader5 and Mobile Trading.


If you are a professional trader, you must already be aware of MetaTrader 5 platform. It is a leading platform that offers comprehensive trading options by providing a wide range of tools and instruments that helps users to analyze the trading pair tools and trade for better returns. 

MT5 offers different instruments other than just Forex and CFDs, which makes it a reliable multi-asset platform. This portal is quick and multi-threaded that allows traders to look up their bids and valuation of their instruments. 

Banxso Mobile Platform

If you are a trader that finds it difficult to check and analyze the market on the system every time, the mobile platform might be an ideal choice for you to choose. Whether you are stuck in traffic or find it impossible to log in on your system, you can check your trade options and the latest market trends on the mobile application itself. Mobile trading supports various technical indicators and graphical representations of trading instruments that help in making a profitable decision for traders. 


Overview of Trading on Banxso 

To understand how to trade on Banxso, you must first understand the order types and account types on Banxso. 

Types of Accounts for Trading on Banxso:

Demo Account

If you are new to the world of trading, you might want to start with a demo account. This account offers several benefits to beginner traders. You can open a demo account without depositing any money for investment. This will help you understand how the buy/sell operations work in the real trading market. 

A demo account will help you in understanding the interface of the platform and also learn about different instruments and tools required for trading and analyzing the market. Traders will be asked to register with a user name and email ID, along with a strong password. 

You can further select the instruments and assets you want to trade-in. Once you understand the trading techniques, you can switch to a real account where you need to deposit real funds for real benefits and returns. 

Live Account

When you switch to a live account, the trading platform will require more than just your name and email ID. You will be asked to submit financial documents to start trading. These financial details are strictly regulated by FSCA. 

You will then be able to trade on real assets with real funds. But before the trading begins, your account will first be verified by the regulator. This might take a day or two to process. Some users, however, are not comfortable sharing their financial details. Please note that Banxso offers complete security to its users and does not share any details of traders with any third-party firm or institution.

Types of Orders by Banxso

Let’s cover the types of orders available at Banxso for trading in Forex and other CFDs.

Market Order

Market orders assist traders with buying and selling the instruments when the prices are at a peak for better returns. The market orders do not provide fixed pride at the time of trading. However, if there is no liquidity in the market, the orders are then simply executed at the next best price. 

Limit Order

A limit order is placed when traders buy/sell any particular instruments at a fixed price. No guarantee of order execution is provided under this segment. Traders can speculate their returns in this order type based on the expiry date for the orders. 

Stop Order

If the market is not in the favor of a trader, they can simply opt for a stop order to manage the risks and losses.   

Educational Services & Investment Strategies by Banxso 

Banxso believes in educating their traders before they burn their fingers in the fire. Through different education programs, traders learn different investment strategies and how to read the market in their favor. 

If you are a beginner in the world of trading, you can switch to their education program first while applying the strategies simultaneously on a demo account. Banxso has a comprehensive library of different resources that assist users in how to earn better returns with effective trading. 

The education program includes the following resources provided by Banxso: 

Personal Coaching

Banxso assigns a personal coach to its users to learn and understand trading patterns in detail. A coach guides users on improving decision-making and how to focus on better returns while trading on different assets. They will help you clear your objectives and provide information and strategies on how to attain them. 


Webinars on Banxso cover a variety of topics and discussions in an interactive session. Users can share their opinion, doubts, and thoughts about their trading experience. 

Market Updates

The market is fluctuating every day, which is why traders must be aware of every single update or trend followed in the financial markets. Banxso offers the latest news and trends that impact the market daily. These updates help users in making a better judgment for the instruments they choose for trading. 

Is Banxso a Legit platform? 

Yes, it is! Every user wishes to know if they are trading on a reliable and authentic source or not. Banxso is a licensed and regulated broker in various jurisdictions across the globe. It is licensed and regulated by the financial regulatory bodies in South Africa, called Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), along with other bodies outside the European Union. However, this platform is unauthorized in the following list of countries: 

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Ghana
  • Syria
  • Panama
  • New Zealand
  • The United States
  • The Philippines
  • Nigeria 
  • India
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Mongolia
  • Yemen
  • Cambodia
  • Pakistan
  • The United Kingdom
  • North Korea

Banxso Customer Support 

Since there are many platforms available for trading today, there are many on the web that are developed for the motive of fraud and cheating the users. It is paramount for the traders to evaluate the trading platform before choosing the platform to invest in. The best indicator of a robust and secure platform is the availability of  a customer support team. 


Banxso customer support team is popular among traders as they are available to assist the users at any time of the day. A customer query is promptly resolved within 24 hours. If you wish to contact the customer support team, the following is the list of channels to connect them: 

Email Support

Traders or potential users can send their queries to the Banxso customer support team through mail. Their mail ID is support@banxso.com. The team generally replies to a user within 24 hours. In case, a user wishes to speak to a concerned person, they can raise a similar request while writing a mail as well. 

In-Person Meeting

Many traders wish to meet a representative of the trading platform to gain more confidence and authenticity of the platform. Banxso surely offers the service to their traders. The regional office is open for users to meet the concerned support team or member. 

Address: Byles Bridge Office Park Building 14, Block B Corner Olievenhoutbosch Road and, Jean Ave, Centurion, 0157, South Africa.

Telephonic Support

In case you need assistance on the phone, you can contact the customer support number: +27-080-099-7915 for further process and discussion. 

Live Chat on Web/App

Live Chat on the website is available 24 hours where a user can simply chat with the representative in case of any query or question. 


As an investor, the rule of thumb is to know, verify, and understand the trading platform before investing in any instrument. Banxso is known for its reliability as the customer support team is always available to guide a trader. The education program, certainly, helps traders to learn about trading and investment strategies for different instruments. 

Banxso is a regulated and licensed trading platform without a minimal commission structure. A trader can truly trust the platform and begin their trading journey to earn better returns and profits on their investments.  


Is it safe to trade on Banxso?

Yes, the Banxso trading site is safe. It is regulated in India and South Africa under FSCA.

Is there any fee structure to open a demo account on Banxso?

No. A trader can simply open a demo account by registering and providing a username and email ID on the site. And there is no charge or fee to open a demo account on Banxso.

Do I need a broker for forex trading?

Yes, a trader will need a forex broker for speculating the prices of different currencies. Traders are highly advised to choose an authentic and reliable broker under a valid license. They must be based in the same country as the trader. 

Is Banxso a risk-free trading platform?

Traders must understand there is always a risk when it comes to investing in the financial markets. Banxso offers a minimal commission structure and is regulated by FSCA. The platform is reliable, but there is always a market risk attached to investments.