Adobe’s Behance Supports NFTs Minted on Polygon

Adobe’s Behance Supports NFTs Minted on Polygon

Non-fungible tokens have become an integral part of blockchain-based start-ups in the last two years. This happened after the value of artworks like Bored Ape went to the moon. Now, as far as NFTs go, Ethereum is leading the market with hundreds of NFT projects being built on its blockchain every day. However, Polygon continues its plans to fortify the NFT infrastructure on the network. Recently, Behance from Adobe extended its support towards NFTs minted on Polygon. This will help independent artists to showcase and monetize their artworks among a wider community. 

Polygon began its journey as a scalable solution for Ethereum that can bring the gas cost to the bottom. The network has so far been successful in luring hundreds of Ethereum-based projects to its network. Now, Polygon is working towards breaking the dominance of Ethereum in the NFT market. The journey of the network began with the launch of OpenSea last June. Since then, Polygon has integrated numerous projects and protocols to strengthen its foundation for non-fungible tokens.

The polygon network has managed to earn a fervent community of NFT artists in the last few months. Now, this community received endorsement from one of the largest platforms for creative artworks. Yes, the Adobe-owned Behance platform now offered support to NFT artworks minted on Polygon. This is predicted to be positive propulsion that could rescue MATIC from the 10% weekly drop. Visit here if you would like to know more about how these positive developments in NFT could affect MATIC’s price action for the future. Apart from this, this new integration will give much-needed opportunities for independent creators.

Behance platform comes with a wider network purely dedicated to digital artworks. This will open up new avenues for creators to meet potential buyers and monetise their artworks. The users will just need to connect their web3 wallet from Polygon to get started with this new venture. The operations behind this integration will be powered by Alchemy’s API. Polygon has decided to go into a partnership with Behance as the platform’s NFT support was met with great success in wallets like MetaMask. Moreover, OpenSea adopted the Content Credentials function from Adobe only recently.

Polygon is already seen as a better and more sustainable alteration for Ethereum in the crypto space, thanks to the minimal carbon footprints left. This, combined with the low-cost model for NFTs, has made many NFT creators shift from other networks to Polygon. Ever since the launch of OpenSea, more than 5 million NFTs have been minted on the platform. In the opinion of Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, the advanced NFT infrastructures of Polygon will be holistic now that Behance has got on board. It must be noted that Polygon recently signed deals with Dolce and Gabbana, DraftKings, Leo Messi, Clinique and Snoop Dogg for upcoming NFT projects.

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