ReapChain & ICTK Holdings Partner to Build IoT security logistics

ReapChain and ICTK Holdings Partner

On 17th December 2020, ReapChain and ICTK Holdings announced a collaboration for partnership in the field of “Things PID-based IoT security logistics system”. Both the companies aim to build their specific IoT security logistics systems applying PID. PID refers to object authentication systems and data copy prevention technologies. 

With this collaboration and by applying various advanced technologies, ReapChain and ICTK Holdings aim to collaborate for the development and commercialization of  blockchain-based improved cold chains. 

The CEO of Reap Chain, Jake Lee said they look forward to more collaborations as ReapChain’s technology develops

ReapChain is a blockchain service company which was established to solve the problems of the existing Internet of Things Blockchain. It is based on a shell-core structure, combining private as well as public blockchains. ReapChain has overcome 3 problems of the existing blockchain systems, namely, security, scalability and decentralization. It was also listed on  KuCoin, in October 2020 and is working on creating an IoT blockchain world with secure and transparent technology.

ICTK Holdings, a global Transaction, and Security Solution Provider guarantees that every chip is secured with a unique private key. The security keys are based on nano-scale differences in the structure of those microchips and act as a secure ‘Root of Trust’. These secured chips have already been implemented in millions of devices across the IoT landscape.

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