Binance Smart Chain Joins Bondly to Boost NFT & DeFi Adoption

Binance Smart Chain Joins Bondly

As the mass adoption of Bitcoin increases, more and more new participants are entering the market. Along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have also acquired a special place in the crypto world. Binance Smart Chain prioritizes safeguarding its users’ interest by innovating the blockchain ecosystem in every possible way.

This time, the self-sovereign blockchain network has partnered with Bondly, the pioneer in DeFi and NFT space, to develop its NFT ecosystem further. NFTs are used to create asset interoperability across multiple platforms. There still exists centralized monopolized intermediaries in digital buying and selling platforms, of which not all the entities are trustworthy. Binance’s partnership with Bondly is meant to eliminate monopolized intermediaries and interact directly with the digital economy.

Bondly, with its interoperable swap architecture BSwap (BondSwap) and other DeFi collectibles, allow users to perform cryptographically secured over the counter (OTC) cryptocurrency transactions. Recently, Bondly has launched its fully digital NFT-based collectible card game called the Bondly Collectible Card Game or BCCG. This newly launched NFT-based collectible card game educates gamers about the Bondly product family, besides incentivizing them to engage in the Bondly ecosystem.

With this partnership, Bondly brings BCCG to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), thus boosting the mass adoption of the NFT ecosystem. Through this mass adoption of the NFT ecosystem, BSC users will now be able to deeply associate with their community. In addition to this, Bondly will be working with BSC following this partnership to launch more exclusive Christmas Edition NFT cards with some unique utilities on the BSC platform. In this way, the customers will feel enticed to use NFT cards as community incentives. It will simultaneously turn every NFT card into a Fan Club membership, a VIP Service, and a Collectors Group.

In return, the dual-chain architecture (Binance Smart Chain) will empower its users to build their digital assets and dApps on a single blockchain, thus reaping the benefits of faster trading. Binance Smart Chain will also offer its smart contract functionalities to Bondly to launch its native product BondSwap on the Binance Smart Chain platform. This partnership between Bondly and Binance Smart Chain is a celebration of that accomplishment. BSC also allows Bondly to integrate with its leading partners like DeGo or TrustWallet, besides providing Bondly with all the economic support and strategic advice that it needs to expand its network.

The onus of this partnership is to scale up the atomic swaps similarly to the DeFi movements, which require a specific interoperability topology that is available only with Bondly. Therefore, with this partnership, the current retaining atomicity method among crypto pairs will become easy with Bondly. NFTs have the potential to become the next big thing in crypto-assets adoption. As demand for NFTs rises, the need to adopt this emerging technology rises. By teaming with BSC, this mass adoption of NFTs will be done quickly and effectively.

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